On December 31, 2016, Rekaya Gibson launched Black Girls Talk Sports Podcast (BGTS), a weekly show where women of color discuss all things in women’s and men’s sports. Some of its favorites include football, basketball, baseball, rugby, tennis, golf, soccer, and hockey. The podcast’s catch phrase sign-off: “Keep It Sporty” (#KeepItSporty).

Mission: Its mission is to inspire, educate and encourage women to participate in conversations about sports.

Stats: BGTS has produced over 230 episodes with nearly 100,000 downloads from 113 countries. 

Award: In May 2018, Mixcloud awarded the podcast its 2018 Listeners’ Choice Award for Best Online Talk Show in Sports

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About the Hosts

Rekaya Gibson is the founder and co-host of Black Girls Talk Sports Podcast. She took an interest in football, basketball and baseball at an young age. Though she never officially played a sport, she had hoped to become a sportscaster for the NFL, among other things. Currently, she’s an author and a freelance journalist. She also curates products for Cuisine Noir Magazine. She has written and published seven books in multiple genres which include tales about magical foods, social media and colorism. She has contributed content for Amtrak, HuffPost, Writer’s Digest Books, and several lifestyle magazines. In her spare time, she is a private investigator. Gibson resides in Virginia. Learn more about her here: www.rekayagibson.com. Angela Spears, co-host of Black Girls Talk Sports is a Life & Executive Coach, Talent Management, Leadership & Organizational Development expert, Writer, Author and friend. She’s been a sports lover since childhood and enjoys not only watching sports but also playing a little sports including basketball and other outdoor sports. Outside of sports, Angela has over 15 years of experience coaching and helping others implement strategies to reach higher levels of success. She does this through her writing, coaching, and delivering a host of workshops on topics which focus on building your life for success. Spears resides in Connecticut. Learn more about her here: www.dreamlivingcoach.com